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Why does the hermit crab have the right idea?

If it grows out of its home, it moves on. No hiding in the sand, hoping things will be ok in the future. The same principle applies to pensions. If your pension plan no longer fits where you are currently at and where you want to be in the future, then it could be time to move on to a better scheme.

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Stephen's pension documentary

Stephen finished his documentary

Documentary-maker Stephen took money from his pension to complete his long-in-the-making documentary “After ‘82”, which explores the history of the AIDS crisis in the UK. Click the link to watch Stephen's story.


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Alan's pension release story

Pension cash enabled Alan to clear debts

Alan had credit cards charging high rates of interest. Taking some tax-free cash from one of his pensions allowed Alan to clear the cards, and the rest remained invested for the future. Click the link below to watch Alan's story.


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Finding Mark's pension

Finding old pensions changed Mark’s future

Mark wanted us to find his pensions from previous jobs. Tracking them down gave him almost £20,000 more for the future. We then combined them into a single pension fund, giving more control than before. Click the link below to watch Mark's story.


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