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Positive vibes

97% of people who have reviewed Portafina on recommend us. That makes our heart beat a little faster. We are authorised and regulated
by the Financial Conduct Authority
FSCS Protected

Positive vibes

97% of people who have reviewed Portafina on recommend us. That makes our heart beat a little faster.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

5-star service: a breakdown of our reviews

As of October 2020, 504 people have reviewed Portafina on As you can see, 97% are either 4-star or 5-star reviews.

A very friendly company who explained everything clearly. Knowledgeable, professional and for me who struggles a little with understanding pensions and my options, the telephone meeting was really good. Everything was explained and clarified. After the call I feel I can trust them to act on my behalf. The friendliness and respect is priceless. Thank you.
Francoise, Halifax (61)
The way you handled my enquiry and helped transfer my pension whilst releasing my tax-free lump sum was professional, swift and pain-free!
Stuart, West Sussex (57)
I really appreciated the honesty, accuracy and thoroughness of your review. The expert advice and information provided, in what is a minefield for most members of the public, was spot on. As was the use of relatively understandable terminology in all dialogue.
Christopher, Hull (63)
Portafina took the time to talk with me about what I was looking to achieve from my pension, listening to me and responding with their own comments too. The whole process from start to finish was very professional and easily managed. The advice I received was well balanced and my options explained clearly.
Alistair, West Lothian (56)
A top professional company offering an excellent service. I highly recommend Portafina. I’m so glad I made the call.
Derek, Telford (60)
Reliable, honest, professional, competent, affordable, regulated and gold standard certified. Thank you, it's rare to find a firm that really delivers. Well done to all who helped me.
Levent, Suffolk (55)
There was frequent contact to make sure I understood the whole process. Friendly staff meant I was never put under any pressure to agree to anything and always made aware that I could at any time opt out.
Thomas, Kilmarnock (55)
The whole service was great, from start to finish, everything went very quickly and smoothly. I have been advised that my tax-free lump sum will be in my account around my 55th birthday. Really pleased and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
Jacqueline, Motherwell (55)
I was completely satisfied by the whole service. And the help given when I couldn't get to my mail due to a family emergency was really appreciated. The whole process was painless.
Angela, Roxburghshire (57)
The fact that you could help me access my pension to release a tax-free lump was fantastic. Some of this helps me, and my family become debt free with the extra money left over.
Kevin, Somerset (57)
Where to start? Great listening skills. Clear communication and clear, supportive advice. Plus, the staff and advisers are so caring.
Anthony, London (59)
You found the best pension deal for me. You were very understanding and always wanted to help me any way you could.
Marilyn, Kent (56)
The communication from Portafina was excellent, both written and on the phone. I always felt I was being kept up to speed with my case. Regardless of who I spoke to at Portafina, they were able to be on top of my case within seconds. Their advice to me as an insistent client was both supportive and (rightly) challenging.
Patrick, Tiverton (58)
From the first contact, right through to the completion of my pension transfers, I was very pleased with the service you provided. The knowledge and assistance of the advisers and agents I dealt with and the way that you kept me fully informed was first class.
Thomas, Flintshire (60)
Absolutely everything was great. Straight off the bat the whole experience was of total satisfaction. You guys all did an incredible job. Best customer experience ever!!!! 10/10.
Paul, Hampshire (60)

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