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How your savings are invested matters. Take the wrong approach and you could be gambling with your future wellbeing and peace of mind.

How well can you predict the future?

Do you have the ultimate power of foresight or are you more like us lesser mortals at Portafina? Let’s find out where you stand?

Who shot the infamous JR?

Did you know the answer to this before even the producers did? Maybe you saw Japan’s shock victory over South Africa in the Rugby World Cup coming a mile off?

Do you always win on the lottery?

Maybe the fall of the Berlin Wall was already old news for you on that historic night? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ then can we have next week’s lottery numbers, please?

Want to be a fund manager?

And you might want to think about a career as an active fund manager because the people expected to pick stocks are being asked to do just this: predict the future.

We believe in evidence

We prefer to invest your money based on evidence gathered over a long period of time, rather than finger in the air predictions about what may or may not happen.

The crystal ball vs the power of what we know

The disappointing reality is that, at best, these predictions are little more than informed guesswork. On the plus side we do know that some things in life are more constant than others. For example:

  • EastEnders and Coronation Street will run and run.

  • However early you arrive, someone will be in the queue before you.

  • History shows us that stock markets as a whole rise over time.

Considering the rollercoaster ride painted by the press this last point may come as a surprise. It’s true, though. And by investing in as much of a market as possible (as we do at Portafina), rather than picking stocks, the fate of your savings will not rest on the rise or fall of a handful of individual companies. And companies can fall very quickly for the most unexpected of reasons; just think about Gerald Ratner’s infamous speech in 1991.





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More on what Portafina are about

You should demand the very best for you and your savings. We will.

Our people

love to help other people

Outside of work we are customers, too. And the bit that really stands out for us is how we are treated - as long as a company delivers at the very least what it promises, of course!

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Our service

makes it easy for you

We’ve developed a different way of doing things so that everyone can have access to great financial advice, when it suits them and in a clear and simple way.

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Our fees

are transparent and tailored

We’ll make clear how our recommendation could benefit you, and exactly how much it would cost to follow our advice, before you need to make any decisions.

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Portafina people...

A quick hello from a few of the team


Rebekah Floodgate
Compliance Assistant

"Our advisers are great at what they do and have lots of qualifications to prove it. We triple check everything, though. I work for the compliance team and we study every bit of advice before it goes out to clients, to make absolutely sure everything is accurate and correct."

Claire Ayaz
Senior Administrator

"Behind the scenes there are a lot of processes to make sure we help our clients in the best way possible. And while technology plays a key part in these processes, a lot of the time what’s needed is human interaction. As Bob Hoskins used to say, it’s good to talk! And I spend a lot of time talking with individual clients to make sure the computer never says no."

Joe Parker
Financial Adviser

"People generally work really hard all their life to save into a pension, which is why I take what I do very seriously. I’ve spent years talking with clients about their finances, to understand what they want and need from life. This background is a massive help when it comes to giving everyone the best advice possible."

Olu Dada
Financial Adviser

"Doctors look after our health. Counsellors help us to keep relationships on track. And a good financial adviser can help you to get the most out of your money. A great savings plan should mean you get to do more of the things you want to do in the future. That’s what gives me the most job satisfaction."

Helping others

Supporting charities, both locally and nationally, is very important to us. That’s why we are always happy to look silly or test our endurance levels to the limit, as long as it means more for those who really need it.

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Co Workers

The value of sound advice

When it comes to our clients’ savings we do not think it is right to try and predict the future. Instead, our investment philosophy is based on decades’ worth of historical data and scientific research. It’s an approach that is currently serving over 14,000 people who trust us to look after more than a quarter of a billion pounds of their savings. 

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