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This really depends on your circumstances. Taking pension money early is not right for everyone, which is why it makes sense to get some expert help before making any decisions. See how we could help you.


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What is pension release?

Pension release simply means taking money from your pension pot. The rules changed in 2015, which means you now have more freedom:

  • Tax-free money
    You could take 25% of your pension tax free.
  • Taxable money
    Anything above 25% would be treated as taxable income.
  • Your age
    Generally, you need to be 55 or over to release pension money.

What pensions are eligible?

The good news is, from 55 years-old you can release money from most types of pension. The main exceptions are:

  • The State Pension
    This is money paid to you by the government, from a set age.
  • Unfunded public sector pensions
    Pensions for NHS, teachers, armed forces, firefighters or the police.
  • Annuities
    These are not pensions, so you cannot release any money from them.

What do you need to do now?

At this stage it’s about getting the facts. There are no big decisions to make at the moment:

  • Discover
    If your pension is eligible and how much you could release tax free.
  • Peace of mind
    Ask a regulated specialist how pension release could affect you.
  • Commitment free 
    Make sure there is no obligation to pay for any advice you get.

Can I start the process before I turn 55?

Yes, you can. In fact, starting early can be beneficial because the time to access the money can vary. As long as you are 55 on the day that you take the tax-free lump sum from your pension, talking to us now can ensure the money is ready when you are eligible.

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