Financial Robot

When was the last time your pension provider laid it all out for you like a human being, rather than a financial robot?

  • What your pension savings are worth
  • How your pension is performing
  • If there’s a better pension plan for you

You should be getting this information from them at least once a year, in a way that is simple to understand. If you are not, they are keeping you in the dark.

The good news is, being clear about what your pension could deliver for you in the future is easier than you might think.

You can get your pension checked independently

There are hundreds of different types of pensions out there. They are not all the same and there’s a good chance yours could be improved.

Checking your pension now doesn’t mean you have to commit to anything, or look over your shoulder at the small print. It simply means asking someone to give you the facts, in clear, plain English.

Crucially, you can also find out if there’s a better pension plan for you. And if there is, how much it would cost to switch; all without having to pay a penny.

Over 14,000 people have already trusted us to shine a light on their pension plan

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Find out more about:

  • How your pension could be failing you
  • Why switching to a new scheme could be in your best interests
  • What you can expect from Portafina
  • How to start your pension check


We look after over

£1/2 billion

for our clients

Full advice with

zero obligation

to pay us

Our advisers have the


industry accreditation

It’s time to make a difference

A lazy, old, or simply inefficient pension could be losing you money every day. That’s why it is so important to check your plan sooner rather than later.

Because what you do with your pension now could be the difference between just getting by and more freedom to enjoy the things you and your family want to do in the future.


What our customers think


The whole lot from start to finish of the process, I found it very efficient and professional at all times, the help from the advisers was first class.



I have tried 2 other companies to consolidate my pensions and Portafina carried it out without any fuss with fantastic feedback on the progress.


The determination and knowledge of the staff. And their reassurance that they have things under control when I thought things would not progress.

What types of pension can we help you with?

  • Private pensions
  • Company pensions
  • Final salary pensions
  • Old company or personal pensions
  • Many local government schemes, such as the LGPS


Unfortunately we cannot help you with:

  • The state pension
  • Any pension you are already taking an income from
  • Unfunded public sector schemes including the NHS, teachers, armed forces, police and firefighters
  • Your pension if you are not a UK resident

Not sure whether your pension is suitable? Call us on 0800 304 7288 and we can check.

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