Is having more money generally better than not having enough money?

Yes? Perfect – you’ve passed the common sense test!

Make sure your pension is doing the business for you in three easy steps:

  •  Check it
  •  Sort it
  •  Trust it

How easy? As easy as letting us simply take care of it all for you…

Inspiring futures

Over 14,000 people in the UK trust us with their future. We already take care of over £1/2 billion of their pension money for them. Our advisers have the highest industry accreditation and they all want to see our clients’ pensions – and yours – grow by as much as possible.

Take advantage of our free offer

We will give you our full pension advice without any obligation to pay us for it.

Why? So you don’t have any excuse for not checking your pension (it’s really important that you do).

And because we are confident that you will choose to use the chargeable bit of our service if we can show you that your pension could be significantly improved. Just like those 14,000 people before you.

Want to see how easy it is?

Call 0800 304 7600 or request your free pensions guide for more info.

How do the three steps work?

Step 1 - Check it

We ask your current provider (with your permission of course) for all the technical, performance and charges information relating to your pension. Then we analyse it and tell you how good we think your scheme is, and why.

Did you know?

Just looking at February 2017 we had a client come to us whose pension had only grown by a total of 10% in the previous 5 years. By comparison our selected benchmark had grown by 69% in the same period. If that client had started with £50,000 in Feb 2012, she would have been nearly £30,000 better off had her money been in our selected benchmark pension1 and not in the one she had stuck with for years.

Of course we are looking backwards here, and the usual caveat applies – past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but it should make you think. Some pensions are better than others…

Step 2 - Sort it

As soon as we have analysed your current pension (or pensions – lots of people have several, which can add unnecessary costs) we turn to you. We just need to know a bit about your circumstances and your future plans, and how important your pension is to realising them.

We do this over the phone and of course you can ask any questions you have about your pension, or pensions in general, and we can answer those too in plain English.

Then our team of financial advisers will get to work and make their recommendation. You will get a nice neat report to look through at your leisure that explains what we are suggesting and why, together with exactly what it would cost for us to make any suggested changes. If you want us to take care of it then we will – that’s it. Simple.

It doesn’t cost you anything at all to get our full recommendation, or our nice neat report. Zero obligation means exactly that.

Step 3 - Trust it

Our service doesn’t simply stop at sorting your current pension out. We keep on top of it going forwards, making tweaks as necessary to keep your pension on track.

And if your circumstances change, or you want to start taking an income, then we will advise you accordingly. We will take all the necessary steps to keep your money in the best place for your needs. It is all part of the service2.

We want you to be able to trust that your pension is in safe hands, and working hard to give you and your family your best possible future.


"I have tried 2 other companies to consolidate my pensions and Portafina carried it out without any fuss with fantastic feedback on the progress."



"The determination and knowledge of the staff. And their reassurance that they have things under control when I thought things would not progress."


“All aspects from the initial start-up process, the professional attitude of all staff that I dealt with the financial advice and the speed in which everything was finalised.”

1 We must stress that past performance is no guarantee of future performance and that we do not believe that you can predict the future. Even if your surname is Nostradamus. When choosing our selected benchmark pension we selected a like for like portfolio taking into account the makeup of and suggested risk factors used for that client’s old scheme. Performance and charges are just two of the things to consider when advising people on the best pension for their needs.

2 Our ongoing service gives you access to our advice at any time, as well as regular reviews and ongoing recommendations to keep your pension on track. You would pay a fee for our ongoing service, and you can subsequently choose to opt out of this at any time.

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