The nation’s favourite bake is… apple pie

Great British Bake Off inspires young bakers


Healthy dessert recipes and incredible cake creations are all over social media - but bakers are sticking with traditional favourites, according to a new study.

Pensions advice specialist, Portafina, asked bakers1 how much time they spend in the kitchen, what they bake and how these things are affected by changing age and family circumstances.

They found that apple pie, cheesecake and rhubarb crumble remain firm favourites when it comes to taste, with 44%, 32% and 30% of people picking them as their favourite respectively.

Trendy additions such as cake pops and avocado-based desserts fail to make an impact, with an average of just 5% of bakers naming them as their favourite sweet treats.

The UK’s favourite bakes:

Apple pie (44%)
Cheesecake (32%)
Rhubarb crumble (30%)
Victoria sponge cake (28%)
Cupcakes (27%)
Bread (26%)
Chocolate chip cookies (25%)
Lemon drizzle cake (25%)
Savoury pie (17%)
Rainbow coloured sponge cake (8%)

Interestingly, the popularity of bakes including apple pie, savoury pies and lemon drizzle cake increases proportionally with age. Apple pie is a favourite for just one in five (21%) 18-to-24-year-olds, but it’s top of the list for two thirds (66%) of over-65s.

Similarly, bakes like chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes go the other way, decreasing in popularity as respondents increased in age.

When it comes to our household head bakers, it’s most likely to be those aged 18 to 24. This age group is both most inspired by The Great British Bake Off and most likely to bake, with 92% saying they do so. Surprisingly, the likelihood of a person baking decreases with age, as 88% of 35 to 44-year-olds and 82% of over 65s say they bake.

Some stereotypes still remain, however, with 78% of women feeling they take the lead compared to 38% of men.

While 88% of people say baking and cooking roles haven’t changed in their household in the last 10 years, one in four credit having more time – through changes to their job or family circumstances – as the reason they bake more than they used to.

Jamie Smith-Thompson, managing director at Portafina, said:

“As time goes on, not only do our financial priorities change, but so do our habits and lifestyle preferences. We wanted to see just how much hobbies are changing people’s lives at every age, and these results show that baking is having a big impact.

“What was once seen as a hobby of older generations has gone mainstream through the introduction of shows like Bake Off and creative baking shared on social channels like Instagram.

“It is really positive to see that young people are enjoying it, and with one third of people (38%) saying they bake to relax and a further third (31%) seeing it as something fun to do with their grandchildren, it’s something we are clearly building into elements of our day to create the lifestyle and lifestyle benefits we want.”

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