Interactive map

Have you ever wondered how the size of your pension compares to other people’s?

With our interactive map, you can see the average pension size of the counties and major towns around the UK, based on data from almost 15,000 of our clients.

Viewed by county averages, Surrey, Hertfordshire, West Sussex, Middlesex and Kent have the largest pensions, while County Durham, Cleveland, Nottinghamshire, Worcestershire and Avon have the smallest. The size difference is substantial, with Avon’s average of £34,870 being less than half of Surrey’s £87,947.

The average pension fund in England is £63,387 – how does your area compare?

Note: Data is based on almost 15,000 of Portal Financial’s clients, with at least three records per town. To be included in the map each pension fund must be worth at least £1,000..

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