Your pension options: how to keep it simple

The last 20 years has been like the final moments at an auction:

  • Free tuition
  • Reasonable house prices
  • A gold-plated company pension

All going or gone. Financial pillars that supported the previous generation snatched away.

It hardly seems fair.

Thankfully, if you feel let down (by the system or the man, whatever you want to call it) there is one way to wrestle back control over your financial future.

And it’s easier than you might think.

Meet the greyest character in dullsville

Your personal pension. We know, hardly a shade of grey to get the pulse racing. And yet, a well-looked-after pension could mean more for you when you need it. Possibly a lot more.

  • More freedom to do the things you want to do.
  • More peace of mind right now, knowing that your pension is sorted and you are already one step ahead of the rest.
  • And more money.

More money, you say…how much more?

According to leading independent think tank ILC-UK: people who get financial advice have, on average, £27,6641 more in their pension pot than those who don’t.

And bear in mind this figure is only an average.

You’ve got the power!

You don’t need to make any kind of commitment to find out if your pension is straining ever sinew for you, or lazing about without a care in the world.

It’s simply a case of analysing what you’ve got and calculating if you would be better off by switching to a modern, easy-to-manage pension. And companies such as Portafina will do this without charging you a penny, and without you having to do any of the hard work.

Take control today

Taking control feels good, especially when it’s hassle-free and the result could be more money in the long term, for when you are starting to plan an exciting new phase in your life.

And putting aside the logical reasoning for a moment, it feels good to get one over on the man.

Download your free guide to personal pensions today and discover:

  • Why high charges could be decimating your pot
  • The benefits of taking financial advice
  • What you can expect from Portafina
  • How to start your free pension review

Portafina: making pensions simple...


We have already helped over 14,000 people to take control of their pension


We can help you find old or lost pensions




 We manage over £¼ billion for our clients


You can walk away at any point with no obligation




Our advisers have the highest industry accreditation




We will review your pension free of charge (a fee is only due if you like our recommendation and ask us to act on it)



We can help with:

  • Private pensions
  • Company pensions
  • Final salary pensions
  • Old company or personal pensions
  • Many local government schemes, such as the LGPS (we can check if your pension is eligible)

We cannot help with:

  • The state pension
  • Any pension you are already taking an income from
  • People that reside out of the UK
  • Unfunded public sector schemes including the NHS, teachers, armed forces, police and firefighters.

Simple feels good

You’ve checked your pension options and not only is your mind made up, it is clear. No nagging headache from trying to make sense of it all. You’ve made the right choice and your adviser is sorting it all out for you.

Best of all, you and your family now have more freedom to do more of the things you want to do, now and in the future. That’s the power of keeping it simple.

Five star review  

Paul  five-stars.png

"Everyone that I spoke to was helpful and polite in every conversation; nothing was too much trouble"


Martyn five-stars.png

"I was treated as a human being and not just another number. I thought the staff that contacted me were very polite and made it easy for me to understand what to expect."


Marilyn  five-stars.png

“They found the best pension deal for me. They were very understanding and always wanted to help me any way they could.”

Important Information

1This refers to defined contribution pensions, as detailed in the Retirement Outcomes Review: Interim Report – July 2017 (FCA)

All our opinions as to taxation and related matters are based upon our understanding of the current tax law and practice of HMRC, which is subject to change.

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