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How a pension specialist can help you

  • Detailed analysis to see if your current pension is fully powered or running on fumes
  • Comprehensive review of the marketplace to see if there is a better pension for you
  • Regulated advice explaining your pension options, the right choice for you and what this could mean for your future plans

About Portafina

  • We look after over half a billion pounds in pension savings for our clients
  • Over 14,000 people in the UK trust us with their pension
  • We love plain English and avoid unnecessary jargon
  • Our service is phone-and-correspondence based so conversations happen at a time that suits you
  • Usually, any fee comes out of your pension so there’s no extra money for you to find

How to check your pension, the safe and easy way


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The lowdown on taking money early from your pension


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The little dosh debate: a childish perspective on the value of money


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