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Why so many over 55's are taking pension cash early 

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Stephen's pension documentary

Find out how Barbara used her pension

Barbara wanted to take money from her pension pot to build a new home. We helped her to take tax-free cash from her pension pot and transferred her remaining savings into a new fund. Click the link below to watch Barbara's story.


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Alan's pension release story

Pension cash enabled Alan to clear debts

Alan had credit cards charging high rates of interest. Taking some tax-free cash from one of his pensions allowed Alan to clear the cards, and the rest remained invested for the future. Click the link below to watch Alan's story.


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Finding Mark's pension

Finding old pensions changed Mark’s future

Mark wanted us to find his pensions from previous jobs. Tracking them down gave him almost £20,000 more for the future. We then combined them into a single pension fund, giving more control than before. Click the link below to watch Mark's story.


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Frequently asked questions

Releasing your pension benefits early could reduce your income at retirement and therefore is only suitable for a limited number of people and circumstances.

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