I’m a pension … Get me out of here!

No doubt about it, it’s a jungle out there.

Most people don’t know even know it exists, but some of us are unfortunate enough to be in it. Pensions of various types, all vying for attention to house your savings.

With so many to choose from, how do you pick the A-list star from the Z-lister at the bottom of the barrel?

I’m surrounded by what are apparently my contemporaries but they all seem a million miles away from what I strive for. How can we even be muttered under the same breath?

After all, I work hard to benefit people. While you sleep I’m busy toiling away; the reassuring background activity that can be relied on when you need me, knowing that your commitment to saving was not wasted.

Many of those around me, though, have a different approach. Their lack of transparency confuses and lowers people’s chances for the future. While I await the day when I can be a wonderful surprise, they are likely to just be a nasty shock. The catalyst for angst and cries of “I should have lived for the moment instead.”

And that’s the danger: it’s easy to pick one of these pensions, as they seem to have all the right attributes. But it’s the details that make the difference.

I cling to the hope that by being better, I will stand out. It’s not easy when these underperformers are two-a-penny, so good advisers are really essential. Someone who can hack away, stripping back all the confusion that can make it hard to see the wood for the trees.

Because the truth is, we are not all the same.

There’s more to pensions than tax relief, I’ll have you know. We may all fit the definition, but some of us work harder than others. Some of us don’t charge as much, and that means you can have significantly more money – money that you deserve to use for your future.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get a pension that doesn’t offer the same benefits as I do.

So how do you find me? Luckily, that’s simple: you find me with a good adviser. Someone who has your interests at heart as much as I do.

See for yourself – just fill in the form on the right or call 0800 304 7600 to see what sets me apart from the rest – and get me out of this jungle!

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