Friends and Money: Do they mix?

Have you ever lost a friendship over money? Or do you feel uncomfortable discussing money with your friends?

We recently surveyed over 2,000 people across the UK* to see if and how money affects their friendships and what financial situations with friends make them feel uncomfortable. And now it’s time to find out how you compare.

Top 5 financial scenarios with friends that make Brits feel uncomfortable

Splitting the bill at dinner (19%)


Choosing a holiday destination/hotel (17%)


Choosing a reasonably-priced restaurant to dine at (17%)


Buying group birthday presents for a mutual friend (12%)


Lending a friend money but feeling too uncomfortable to ask for it back (10%)


Stirring money into the mix

The top 5 may not come as a big surprise to many. Yet a deeper look at the research reveals some interesting points on the effects of mixing money with friendships.

Money Talks

More than one in ten (13%) have lost a friendship over an issue with money. Reasons include unpaid loans, disagreements on presents and arguing about holiday costs.

  • Men (13%) are more likely to fall out with friends over finances than women (11 %).

  • Money talk between those who are aged 18-24 and their friends (19%) is more likely to cause an issue than any other age group.

Steering clear…

  • Nearly half of UK adults (44%) avoid uncomfortable financial situations with friends because they don’t like to talk about money.

  • The majority of Chelmsford residents (81%) don’t like talking about money to their friends as it makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • Nearly half of those aged 55 and over steer clear of uncomfortable financial scenarios as they don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable (44%).

Money matters

  • The majority of people (84%) think that when it comes to friendships, it shouldn’t matter if you have more or less in your wage packet, as friends should find a way to make it work.

  • Women (14%) are more likely than men (9%) to think money matters in a friendship, but it shouldn’t.

  • Scottish residents (68 %) don’t think that it matters if they earn more or less than their friends. This is more than any other country in the UK.

How does money affect your friendships?

After looking a bit deeper into the survey results, there’s no doubt that mixing friends and finances can be a tricky business. Yet, it’s quite positive to see that many people already think it shouldn’t matter if you have more or less in your wage packet when it comes to friendships.

The big question is, do any of these financial situations affect your friendships and if so, how?

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Important Information

*2,000 UK adults by OnePoll in June 2018.   

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