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Can I Leave My Pension To My Child

Can I leave my pension to my child?

Discover how you could be able to leave your pension to your child, and whether they would need to pay inheritance tax...
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How To Give Your Child A Financial Head Start In Adult Life

How to give your child a financial head-start in adult life

We reveal three ways you could give your child a financial head-start in adult life, including a not so obvious choice...
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Bank Of Mum And Dad

Find out what 77% of Brits can’t afford without their parent’s help

From a first car to a house deposit, we reveal the key life purchases parents help their children with, and how much money they gift...
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Like Father Like Son

Like father like son?

How influential are parents when it comes to our own spending habits and do we ever stop asking for financial advice?
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Saving For Your Grandchilds Future

Saving for your grandchild’s future: The facts!

What is the best way to save for your grandchild’s future? From bank accounts to pensions, Portafina offer a guide to help you find the very best options…
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