It’s Grand National time!

Are your lucky pants ironed and ready?

Are you conventional when it comes to predicting the future?

Or, would you rather put your faith in the weird and wonderful? Take the Grand National, for example.

Back in the day I would always play it safe and follow the advice of the expert pundits. My friend, on the other hand, swore by his lucky pants.

Out they’d come, every year. And if a jockey’s colours matched those awful orange pants, then my friend knew he’d found his horse. And you know what? It turns out the pants were better at predicting the future than the experts.

The simple fact is we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. And yet the majority of pensions in the UK are invested based on predictions made by financial experts.

Do you know how your pension provider is managing your savings?

The crystal ball method to looking after a pension

A lot of pensions are what is known as ‘actively managed’. And, while we are over-simplifying things a little bit, there are a lot similarities between the active pension manager and the expert pundit on Grand National day.

The active manager will study the form of companies and then predict which ones are going to win (share values are about to go up) and which ones are going to lose (share values are about to drop). The manager will then use people’s pension savings to buy and sell shares based on these predictions. But predictions have a habit of not turning out as we’d like.

The quick, big prediction quiz

Here are five big predictions from the last 50 years. See if you know the answers, and whether the predictions were true or not.

Who was one book publisher talking to when they said “children just aren’t interested in witches and wizards anymore”?


Which band was being talked about when a producer on the Ed Sullivan Show said: “The only thing that’s different is their hair…I give them a year”?


Who said “It will be years – not in my time - before a woman will become prime


Who said in 1932 “there is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable.”


In 1996, which jockey did one punter predict would win all seven races on British Champions Day at Ascot?


For all the answers and a quick introduction to how we invest our clients’ pension savings

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Will your pension get you to the winning line?

It’s really easy to find out, and our free guide to personal pensions is a great place to start.

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