Is it time to spring clean your pension?

Reviewing your pension regularly and considering pension transfer can protect your future

Spring has sprung and Jack frost is hopefully on the retreat.  Unfortunately, as much as April is a time to look forward to warmer weather, those dreaded bills reminding us of the extra heating we used during the winter months are appearing menacingly on our doormats.

They may send an earthly shiver down our spines when they arrive, but at least they can awaken us to the amount of money spent just to keep us warm and in good supply of hot drinks. They regularly trigger us into finding a better deal, a cheaper plan, or a scheme with more effective benefits.

Reviewing and switching providers has become very commonplace, however, there is one commodity which is central to our futures which nearly always tends to get forgotten. Essential for our later years but for the most of the time it remains invisible.

 This, of course, is your pension.

For most of us, most of the time, our pensions are linked to far distant futures and so rarely end up in the urgent tray. What’s more, there is no getting away from the fact that as well as being complex to many, all that jargon and small print makes them all a bit dull.  

Those annual statements are great to have but they can often seem quite difficult to read and they don’t often take your current needs into account. So, they often end up on the “read later” pile… and with it your future…

A pension review could change all of that

So often in our middle-years and in a technological world that tends to encourage us to live very firmly in the “now”, there always seems to be more interesting, exciting, and pressing things to do. Opening the pensions box can be left to another day, can’t it?

But if you look at it from a point of view of living a fulfilling life, your pension is not only security for future years, it can be fundamental to reaching those goals, dreams and opportunities in later life.

And one thing is for certain, whatever age you set up your pension, it is vulnerable to the fluctuations of the stock market, governmental regulations and the economy. And as much as your pension benefits may change, so do you. Your needs and what you require from you pension may alter.

A financial adviser can review your pension and keep your needs at the centre of the assessment. Together, you can explore whether your pension is still offering what you expect it to and that its features and benefits still relate to your unique goals and requirements for the future. Proper advice means you don’t have to get involved with the real complexities of it all – once they understand what you are looking for our professional advisers can get you on the right track.

Pension review with no obligation

Don’t leave reviewing or potentially switching your pension until it is too late.  The more time a pension has available to mature, the better the likely outcomes.  At Portafina, we can review your pension, explain your options without all the impenetrable technical stuff and jargon - and do all the running when finding your best option out there. Our professional independent financial advisers specialise in pensions and we can review your plan while offering impartial advice and guidance which carries no obligation for payment. Click on the link above for a call back or use the telephone number below to speak to an adviser.

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