Do you have to be as ruthless as a dragon to spot a good pension investment?

The Dragons are back - breathing fire as usual and seeking out those cool not to be missed cutting-edge investments. And if the TV previews are anything to go by - showing the 2 new dragons dressed up in boxing gear – it looks like they aren’t going to be pulling any punches. Just what we all like to see! But do you really have to be a ruthless dragon to track down that cool investment? If you are looking for a good pension investment are you in for a good grilling?

No need to worry. Pension investment is much more sober, mainstream and well…civilised. It certainly isn’t going to make Sunday night viewing any time soon, but we think the results we get can be just as exciting when our clients are able to build fantastic new futures in retirement.

And no (you can breathe a sigh of relief!) none of that interrogation and grilling stuff is needed at Portafina. You’re the boss as far as we are concerned and your needs and goals will determine the kind of investment we look for.

 As pension specialists, we know that unless we can make strong trusting relationships with our customers, we will never be able to facilitate their needs and goals for the future through the financial market. In turn, understanding their requirements will be the springboard for exploring the investment market, in order to find the most appropriate financial package for a secure retirement.

A time to lay down the law…

On the other hand, we need to make effective investment partnerships which will benefit our clients. This doesn’t call for pussy-footing around. We wouldn’t be doing our customers any favours by playing the wall-flower when we should be out there pinning down cutting-edge products. There are times to be hard-nosed and times to be supportive.

Do we have to be ruthless? We like to think we are professional not ruthless. We would bet that most of the cut and thrust that you see in the den is for the sake of television entertainment and is more about increasing viewing figures than finding an effective investment.

Finding that great pension investment

Investment in pensions is really quite different from investing in a new struggling start-up business. When the dragons are deciding whether to invest in a new business, product and brand, they have little to go by as far as past performance is concerned - the whole point is to give those new great ideas a leg up. If you watch carefully in the den, you’ll see that the brands that get investment tend to be those that have already shown themselves to be a big hit.

The same is true of pensions, but there is a whole lot more information other than just performance in which to track the most powerful investments. When a financial adviser in pensions checks out the most appropriate investment package to match your needs and goals in retirement, there is likely to be a lot of data to go on.  Advisers will be looking at data that shows growth and performance perhaps over many years while taking into account the fact that investments will go up and down and that performance alone is not a reliable indicator of the future. Where there is a great deal of past information, statistics and variables, investors have a much better chance of tracking the appropriate investment for your retirement needs.

As well as that, a pension specialist will keep your unique requirements central to research, balance of investment risk against reward and invest as widely as possible across the stock market.

As financial advisers, we would like to put everyone’s mind at rest: We love the dragons just as much as anyone else, but as financial experts looking for the next great pension investment, we don’t breathe fire.  Dragons? We would see ourselves as a cross between a soft cuddly Labrador and a wise reliable old bloodhound really. As loyal as man’s best friend and forever finding out the next best deal…

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