Portafina. Your kind of people?

While the headline usually grabs all of the attention, what ultimately makes you trust a company to deliver on what they have promised?

People who enjoy helping other people

The simple fact is: it feels good to help someone out. At Portafina it is a big reason why we do what we do. And it’s always nice to know that we have made a difference.

With you all the way

“Shannon was great. She went above and beyond all expectations, she was fantastic. Thank you Shannon.”

Kevin from Havering

Making things clear

“Nothing was too much trouble. I am not a whizz-kid when it comes to financial matters, but I felt completely at ease throughout.”

Benson from Colchester

Talking your language

“I quite often feel awkward on the telephone, but I found your people easy to communicate with.”

Colin from Chesterfield

With a calm determination

“The determination and knowledge of the staff. And their reassurance that they have things under control.”

Phillip from London

It’s the bit that can’t be taught that matters most

At Portafina, our staff are regularly trained on the latest financial regulations and more general administration skills. The one thing that cannot be taught is the bit we are most proud of: they genuinely care about people. That’s why we love seeing them in action – helping someone to get the most out of their savings with the minimum of fuss and hassle – and we are sure you will too.
It’s the bit that can’t be taught that matters most

More on what Portafina are about

You should demand the very best for you and your savings. We will.

Our service

makes it easy for you

We’ve developed a different way of doing things so that everyone can have access to great financial advice, when it suits them and in a clear and simple way.

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Our advisers

are all about the evidence

We make our decisions with the help of decades’ worth of proven scientific research. This is because your savings are far too important to leave to chance.

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Our fees

are transparent and tailored

We’ll make clear how our recommendation could benefit you. And any advice charges would be confirmed in writing before you have to make a decision to proceed.

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Portafina people...

A quick hello from a few of the team

Linda Lee

Regulatory Assistant

Linda Lee, Portafina Staff
“When it comes to pensions there are hundreds of rules and guidelines, and for a very good reason – to make sure everyone is treated fairly. The problem is, pension companies sometimes focus so much on the rules that what they send to clients sounds like gobbledygook! I’m here to make sure the rules are followed without all the jargon.”

Michael Pizzoferro

Financial Adviser

Michael Pizzoferro, Portafina Staff
“The world of finance can be technical and complicated. I love getting to grips with all this nitty gritty so that I can then make things as simple as possible for people to understand. You shouldn’t have to keep up-to-date with all the regulations and figures, that’s what I am here for.”

Roberto Jezerca

Case Liaison Officer

Nicola Paget, Portafina Staff
“Getting the information we need from existing pension providers can be pretty straightforward. The challenge I really enjoy is when there is an issue, or delay, because then I need to find that delicate balance between diplomacy and being firm. The friendly approach usually wins the day.”

Shannon Weatherstone

Case Liaison Manager

Shannon Weatherstone, Portafina Staff
“If someone wants to take a part of their pension early then they usually want that money in their bank account as soon as possible. It is my team’s job to make sure this happens. I think we are a caring, friendly bunch, although we can be very persistent on a client’s behalf when we need to be.”

Helping others

Supporting charities, both locally and nationally, is very important to us. That’s why we are always happy to look silly or test our endurance levels to the limit, as long as it means more for those who really need it.

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Stuff you might want to know...

  • There are over 130 of us, each with a specific role to play in helping our clients.
  • Combined, our advisers have been helping people to get the most out of their savings for more than 50 years.
  • Both our managing partner and chairman are Fellows of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and our advisers hold over 60 qualifications between them.
  • One of our marketing team once spent 3 hours resuscitating a fish which then continued with its aquatic life journey for another 3 years.

Success stories

Find out how Barbara used her pension

Barbara wanted to take money from her pension to build a new home. We helped her to take tax-free cash and transferred her remaining savings into a new fund. Click the button to watch Barbara’s success story.

Stephen’s pension finished his documentary

Documentary-maker Stephen took money from his pension to complete “After ‘82”, a documentary exploring the history of the AIDS crisis in the UK. Click the button to watch Stephen’s success story.

Pension cash enabled Alan to clear debts

Alan had credit cards charging high rates of interest. Taking some tax-free cash from one of his pensions allowed Alan to clear the cards, and the rest remained invested for the future. Click the button to watch.

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