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It’s also a really good idea to start a pension for your children, which comes with the powerful benefits of tax relief and potential investment growth. Sure, your child probably won’t be able to access this until much later in their adult life. Yet, it provides them with an invaluable financial foundation and it’s impossible to put a price on how much peace of mind that can mean for them, as well as you.”

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“Like it or not, a level of financial security can be the difference between opportunity and worry for children as they become adults. That’s why learning to respect and appreciate money from an early age is vital and, to my mind, should be an essential part of any education programme in the UK. Even though it can be hard for a parent to say no to a child who wants something, the positive impact of learning the value of saving far outweighs that momentary pain…for both the child and the parents! If we want our children to be financially mature and responsible when they’re older, then we need to be open and honest about money with them from an early age.”

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