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Jamie Smith-Thompson says “It’s no surprise that due to the attractiveness of its flexibility, more and more people are opting for drawdown, but they are choosing it without taking advice. And quite frankly, it scares me. You won’t really see the drawbacks of doing this for probably five or 10 years. Yet, without speaking to an adviser, people are more likely to over withdraw because they haven’t got the experience or knowledge that an investment professional has or have any strategies in place for when times are volatile and markets are low.”

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Jamie Smith-Thompson says “It’s also a really good idea to start a pension for your children, which comes with the powerful benefits of tax relief and potential investment growth. Sure, your child probably won’t be able to access this until much later in their adult life. Yet, it provides them with an invaluable financial foundation and it’s impossible to put a price on how much peace of mind that can mean for them, as well as you.”

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