How to slay the Doom & Gloom and take control of your family’s future

The Doom & Gloom is out to get you. It lurks in your TV, your radio, your smartphone, even your newspaper - ready to pounce. Armed to the back teeth with bad news it has one deadly goal. To steal your plans for the future. How safe are you?

Making plans for the future usually involves thinking about finances. So when the news tells us how much worse off we might be it’s a worry. Especially when the stories are about things we cannot control, such as the value of the pound. It creates an air of uncertainty and that’s when the Doom & Gloom can strike. Thankfully, there is a way to fight back with one of the simplest and most powerful tricks in the book.

Seize the day by focusing on what you can control

The trick is to focus on what you can control. And when it comes to our finances there is a particularly potent weapon in your arsenal: one that could be losing you thousands of pounds if it’s not in perfect working order.

Is your pension working as hard as it possibly can for you?

Pensions can be extremely powerful tools. However, if yours is old, or just plain expensive, there’s a good chance you are being charged too much. Reducing these charges by just 1% a year could save you £25,000 over the next 20 years1. What could that mean for you and your family in the future?

Taking control of your pension is easier than you might think

The good news is you can put aside the piles of confusing paperwork. And you don’t need to think about making a big decision right now. At the moment it’s simply about getting the right information about your pension, free from the usual financial mumbo jumbo.

This is where we can help

Portafina is one of the UK’s leading, regulated pension specialists. We have already helped over 14,000 people to get to grips with their pension and we could do the same for you, too. Download your free pension guide and start taking control of your family’s future today.


Claim your free personal pension guide

Pension GuideWhat’s covered:

  • A deliciously quick overview of what types of pension you might have
  • The reasons why a transfer could be right for you
  • Industry phrases and what they mean
  • How our approach is different to most, if not all, financial advisers

What types of pension can we help you with?

  • Private pensions
  • Company pensions
  • Final salary pensions
  • Old company or personal pensions
  • Many local government schemes, such as the LGPS (we can check if your pension is eligible)

Unfortunately we cannot help you with:

  • The state pension
  • Any pension you are already taking an income from
  • Unfunded public sector schemes including the NHS, teachers, armed forces, police and firefighters.

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Stephen's pension documentary

Stephen finished his documentary

Documentary-maker Stephen took money from his pension to complete his long-in-the-making documentary “After ‘82”, which explores the history of the AIDS crisis in the UK. Click the link to watch Stephen's story.


Watch the video 

Alan's pension release story

Pension cash enabled Alan to clear debts

Alan had credit cards charging high rates of interest. Taking some tax-free cash from one of his pensions allowed Alan to clear the cards, and the rest remained invested for the future. Click the link below to watch Alan's story.


Watch the video

Finding Mark's pension

Finding old pensions changed Mark’s future

Mark wanted us to find his pensions from previous jobs. Tracking them down gave him almost £20,000 more for the future. We then combined them into a single pension fund, giving more control than before. Click the link below to watch Mark's story.


Watch the video

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Important information

1Based on a £50,000 sum at onset, growing at 6% per year before charges of 0.5% and 1.5% are applied.

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